Jim Webster

Please pray for our Honduras missionaries. One of the local staff there died in a motorcycle crash leaving 3 children. Everyone is heartbroken her name was Flor she was a nanny and weekend cook. Jim

last prayer 101m ago
Nancy Johnson

Please keep my coworker in prayer as Monday he is having stage 4 cancer surgery. Thank you

last prayer 100m ago
Melanie Lindquist

Pray for Maurica Espinoza and family. Her son Gabe was on a dirt bike and hit by a drunk driver a few weeks ago (still in the hospital) and last night her older son was hit by a car and killed.

last prayer 100m ago
Diane Nunez

Anna Saiz fell in her home Saturday evening. Her arm and leg are affected. Her husband took her to BCH. She is in the ER.

last prayer 100m ago
Anna Saiz

Thanx for all your prayers. I was not at home when I fell. Fell on concrete, 2 breaks in elbow. Follow up tomorrow for knee and shoulder MRI. Thanx 4 ur continued prayers, luv Anna

last prayer 100m ago
Brenda Gaines.

Maurica - Mom to to Gab. He is coming home after an accident had to have half his foot removed. Johnathan older son got hit by car and died this week. Please pray for this family.

last prayer 100m ago

Please pray for my son he had a seizure for the first time.

last prayer 100m ago