Betty Clark

My Mom is a nursing home and still needs prayer.She took her money with her an it was stolen out of her purse over 1200 dollars There leaving her soiled I'm making a complaint prayers please TY

May-30 / last prayer 15h ago

Asking for prayers to remain level headed, and for strength to be with her while she appears for her Court date (today) for Child Custody.

Jun-06 / last prayer 15h ago
Judy Daffern

Prayers for Judy Daffern as she has been feeling very ill. If she does not show signs of improvement by tomorrow morning, Donna (her niece) will be taking her to the hospital.

May-31 / last prayer 15h ago

My niece is in ICU. Asking prayer for her She has pneumonia and liver now failed. Please pray for Gods comfort and peace for her family.

May-31 / last prayer 15h ago
Sonia Rideout

Hi all, this is Gilbert Deaton asking for prayers for a dear friend Sonia Rideout. She was the victim in that horrific crash on E Main. She 68yrs old in critical care unit. please pray.

Jun-02 / last prayer 15h ago