(Ireen) Dianna Nunez

Please pray for (Ireen) Dianna Nunez. They have discovered a mass on her kidney and she will be undergoing further tests to assess the situation. Thank you

Jun-29 / last prayer 5h ago
Pastor Dave Henry- Calvary Chapel Barstow, and Cheerine Ness

Prayers for Pastor Dave Henry, and Cheerine Ness (Joline’s sister). Joline has passedfrom this life into the presence of the Lord ️

Jun-28 / last prayer 5h ago
Boaz Shokorzadeh

Joshua and Ashleigh Shokorzadeh's new baby, Bo, in NICU. Born today, 6/29/22. He's in respiratory distress. On a CPAP, breathing tube, an IV and antibiotics.

Jun-30 / last prayer 5h ago
Pastor Dave and Joline Henry - Calvary Chapel Barstow

Please continue to pray for Pastor Dave Henry and his wife Joline. Also for her sister Cheerine as Joline continues to battle serious medical issues

Jun-27 / last prayer 5h ago
Boaz Shokorzadeh

Update on Bo: thanks for prayers! Things continue to go awesome. Tonight Ashleigh gets a parent care night where she stays in a hospital room with him. If all goes well he comes home tomorrow!

Jul-04 / last prayer 4h ago